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A Spiritual Successor to Fallout 2


Is in the works.

"Our unannounced retro futurist isometric CRPG is a passion project between CEO @DaveOshry
, Project Van Buren's @lacko_adam
 and god tier artist for Fallout Sonora and Olympus 2207, Alexander Berezin.

Fallout and Wasteland composer Mark Morgan is also attached to the project."

The attached video shows a very aesthetically familiar isometric city, with flying Jetson-like cars.
Is this something to be excited about?!

Also hello everyone, I hope you are well.

Max Stone:
This is certainly something I'll keep my eye on. Anything that scratches that Fallout 2 itch is worth a try.

Looks interesting. I love the art style (not unsurprisingly).


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