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Unwashed Village / The Amusing Disaster of Fallout: The Frontier
« on: January 28, 2021, 05:36:18 AM »
Let me paint a picture for you.  A game in development for seven years, almost a decade, being hyped for that entire period.  The hype builds up near the release... a 2020 release date looms closer and closer.  There are a couple of delays, but people still have a fair amount of confidence in the final product.  Then, as the release is just around the corner, a few rumors come out... things sound bad.  But there's not enough time to react.  The game releases.  Then it all comes crashing down, as the entire gaming world discovers what a piece of shit was in the oven all this time.  Its taken off of big platforms, and this once hyped project has been reduced to little more than a joke.  Now imagine that after the release of Cyberpunk 2077, the exact same thing happens again except way funnier.

The Sexy Lizards

We knew a lot about the Frontier before its release.  We knew about the various factions and motivations, knew about the vehicles and all that.  But we did not know that there was going to be a race of horny lizards.  And there was.  There was a race of horny lizards.   They have sex with each other in a vault, they are horny lizards.  This is some very weird fetish stuff, and I do not like it.  The team actually tried to hide this aspect of the game, there was hardly any mention of it.  Makes sense they'd be embarrassed by this.  Hmm, I wonder who made that part of the mod...

The Pedophile Furry Developer

One of the Developers is a pedophile and a furry.  The latter I don't really give a shit about, if you want to draw yourself as a wolf go ahead, but the pedophile part is not ideal.  In a Furaffinity post, he complains that  "art" featuring minors is banned, but he's done a lot more than complain about pedophilic furry art.  He's actually made some himself.  Not a great look for the mod, its no wonder that...

It's Been Removed From Steam and Nexus

It is now hidden from Nexus and removed from Steam.  On steam, the mod page says "Coming soon - This item is not yet available."  While this is very vague, the Nexus page describes more specifically the problem.

"Some deeply concerning news has emerged in the past few hours. We have been recently notified that one of our developers, ZuTheSkunk, had posted animated pedophillic content on their personal artist accounts. The items in question are deeply disturbing to the entire team, and we condemn them in the strongest sense. ZuTheSkunk has since been removed from the Development Team and banned off of our Community Discord. We will be conducting dialogue with members of the development team to hear their thoughts regarding the current situation and help make our decision more informed. We have stopped production and work on the mod to address the current events properly. More measures will be undertaken and a more detailed address will be posted soon.
The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed both in the mod, and outside of it, belong solely to the authors who write them, and not to the mod's organization, community, or other group or individual."

Speaking of the community discord...

The Community Discord has been Deleted

As I just discovered today, the community discord has been deleted.  There was no announcement or notification beforehand.  The discord server no longer exists.  I've been watching this discord server quite closely for a few months leading up to release.  During this time, though I was watching, I said very little.  I knew from the shit that went on in that server, that if I gave even the slightest criticism of this mod, I would be banned.

Good Riddance to the Community Discord

I do not miss the discord server, or the people on it.  It had notoriously power-drunk moderators who banned people for practically nothing.  A few bad apples ruined this project's team.  A youtuber, TKs Mantis, who has produced consistently decent fallout content for the past few years I've been following him, explained that he lost his position as a voice actor because he had Covid!  He was later banned from the discord on a whim, when complaining about, among other things, open racism on the team.  As were many other people, who were unjustly banned for civil criticisms.

Concluding Thoughts

A lot of the dialogue is terrible.  The voice acting is questionable, but I could forgive a community created mod for this.  The mod has weird foot fetish stuff in it.  Wild Wasteland undercuts the seriousness of various scenes, including a literal funeral scene.  There was a lot of work that was put into this mod, and some of the people doing that work were skilled and talented and passionate.  But now all of this work has been wasted, sucked into the garbage-eating black hole that is Fallout: The Frontier.

Unwashed Village / The zone of friends
« on: February 15, 2019, 03:34:13 AM »
I gave someone a card for valentines day.  He said “nice card.  Who is it for?”.  I’ve left valentines day deeper in the friend zone.

Unwashed Village / Introducing Myself
« on: January 30, 2019, 05:46:59 PM »
Hello, nice to meet you,
I must admit,
I’m a fan of fallout...
Well, no shit
I was waiting to get verified,
Since the dawn of time,
Which was long enough to make this post rhyme,
You may know me from my NMA,
Where everybody thinks that Fallout 3 is gay,
I like Pink Floyd and Queen,
My age is fourteen,
And that’s all I wrote,
So start gathering your tangerines

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