Author Topic: Autumn is Upon Us <3 (Except for our Aussie members)  (Read 2 times)

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It can get quite hot and humid in Missouri. In July, I went to the Florida Panhandle (Northern Florida, its a long state) expecting it to be 100F and sunny, but shockingly it was actually constantly overcast and cooler than Missouri! In FL it Rarely got over 80F and never over 85F. Compared to the 90's we have been seeing in MO from early May until the end of September. After coming back form FL I was like "I'm so over this fucking 90 degree weather!".

In the past 2 weeks Autumn has come. Cooler & overcast days. Coldfront misty rains. Nothing like turning the A/C off, cracking the windows, sipping on some quality black coffee, wrapping up in a warm blanket. Theres a certain "stillness" that doesn't exist during the other seasons. Its very refreshing. Every Autumn I get reminded of the first couple of months of school, when people are still adjusting to new changes. Of starting holiday shopping. Of buying new clothes, I really think Autumn has the best fashions too.

I often am grateful to live in a place that has natural beauty (seriously, go look at a satellite map, Missouri is very green and everything west is very brown) and all 4 seasons in full. Here is a pic I took last year at a local park.

What do you all like about Autumn? What does it remind you of?
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