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I'm disappointed...


The Hanged Man:
It's been a few months and no Soul Calibur VI hype? What happened to you guys? You used to be cool! :<

I'm actually quite optimistic for it, despite how disappointed I was with V. Though I do admit, I appreciate it a lot more than I did, when it first came out. If the gameplay is as good as SC V but has the many features of SC III, then I'll be super happy! ^.^

I was kind of looking forward to seeing where the future would take us but I do miss the old roster dearly and don't ind returning to them. I was hoping that SC VI would give us Patrokalus' death, given that I hate him so much. Maybe I can kill Sophitia before the events of Soul Calibur I and prevent the little brat from ever existing!  >:D

Hoping that Voldo is good for our resident Voldo player.

(Also, holy sheet! It's just occurred to me that the last Soul Calibur game came out, the first time I started actively posting on this board!)

Hoopy Frood:
I've never played any of the Soul Calibur games. I guess I've never been cool.

The Hanged Man:

--- Quote from: Hoopy Frood on March 22, 2018, 04:56:56 AM ---I've never played any of the Soul Calibur games. I guess I've never been cool.

--- End quote ---

You have that excuse at least, so you're cool for now. :P

I'm more excited for Kingdom Hearts 3, you know, an actual good game.

The Hanged Man:

--- Quote from: KMD on March 24, 2018, 12:06:26 AM ---I'm more excited for Kingdom Hearts 3, you know, an actual good game.

--- End quote ---

I've got more hours out of Soul Calibur 2 than KH 1/2/BBS combined.  ;D

Kingdom Hearts 3 has taken so long to come out, I'm really struggling to care about it. I was twelve when I completed KH2 and I remember barely anything of it.

The PSP game was the best RPG on that console but even that's a fleeting memory as that was nearly ten years ago.

Kind of not getting the whole 'SC isn't a good game' thing though, like, I'm the first person to complain about the last two installments, given that they both ached for content but the gameplay, visuals and character creation are without peer.

Honestly, combining SC4 and SC5, you'd get a game on par with what the games used to be and I hope that SC VI will be that bit of perfection. SC II-III were masterpieces, so they are capable of being fantastic, they just need to get their shit together and actually make something that takes more than a weekend to beat.

SC VI is going to be a make or break thing for me, it'll either be the game that makes me give up on all Namco Bandai products or the game that saves them. So, I'm actually very interested in how it'll turn out.

Given that Tekken 7 was wank, in terms of delivering actual content, it really is make or break for me.

I'll probably buy KH3 but even if the game is outright terrible, it really wouldn't affect me at this point.


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