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Fallout NV, Honest Hearts war ending, dosnt it stupid?


Hi guys. I mean, dont you thinhk its kinda stupid, when after defeating White legs, Sorrows and Dead Horses  will end in war? I actually herd, that in Fallout, there was a plan, like, when you kill Gizmo, Junktown going down, cos no casino anymore. But some1 of "main" guys says, that its wrong, cos "good" actions, should have "good" results, and cancel it. In this situation, its could be kinda logical, but what logic, in war betwin this two tribes? They always was friendly, the fight against same enemy, its concrets good reltionships for many many years froward. The war ending, after White Legs do so many damage to others, looks pritty logical. And IRL, tribe, that alway runaway instead of fight, you know, ends being slaves, dieng, trieng to survive or something. So, ofc, i think, most ppl chose war, not runaway. And then BAH! War betwin two friendly tribes, and its like you fault, cos you dont runaway, and fight for your own land! Dont you think, guys, its stupid and just wrong desigion of game developers?

The Hanged Man:
Oh, fresh meat! :D

I can see what you're saying, I do think that the Gizmo being the better future for the Junktown would've been a more interesting approach. Dragon Age: Origins did something like this with the Dwarves, where there are two potential kings and the more ruthless one proves to be the better king and lives longer as a result.

I still pick the other one, because I hate the ruthless guy. :P

I feel that honest hearts is more about Joshua than the Dead Horses, it's about the effect that the war has on him, than on the land. The White Legs follow their leader and as a result, Joshua's dealings with him seals his fate as to what kind of man he'll be from there on.


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