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A single second

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For most of our lives, time seems monotonous. We get used to things, get into habit and feel a sameness. Sometimes we try to mix things up, travel, try new things to expand our lives. But sometimes a single event, even a single second, out of your control can shatter everything that made you comfortable. A car accident, meeting your future love, winning the lottery, getting a job offer. These can change everything we thought we knew.

What is a moment that had a profound change in your life and why?

Dessert Ranger:
Getting a little Personal here, but my moment was at the end of high school/right after it.

There was of course a girl who was probably the first person to genuinely like me. In short I ended up messing up the whole thing and we went our own way. I felt sick and afterwards I became less capable of showing my emotions to people and became a bit of a robot.

This is pretty silly, but when I was 7 years old I went to one of those church carnivals, and they had that "guess the beans in the jar" game. I guessed either exactly or within 1 or 2 (although I think exactly) and won. For years after I thought I was psychic or something.

For me, it was probably when I met my lady.

Let's see, I'm 33 now.  16 years ago, at some dumb party, I met a lady. We, uhm.  We acted like teenagers.  We made love and we yelled at each other and she became determined to never speak to me again.  I don't blame her.

A decade later, we encountered each other again.

Uhm.  Some other stuff happened.  For some reason, we're now together.  Long story short, I am with a lady that I am pretty enthusiastic about, and we met each other 16 years ago for no reason.  Just random chance.  That being said said, as loathe as I am to admit that I have emotions, I don't know.  I guess you can't deny them.  Now, with her permission, 16 years later, I'll never fucking let her go. 

So yeah.  The first moment I saw my lady.

There have been many but the real life altering, defining moments of my life have been when I've became a father, you realise from that point on life is about being equal to the amazing privilege and responsibility in your life, falling short of that can be soul crushing.


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