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Best Premade Character for Fallout?


Dessert Ranger:
Recently I started a new game for Fallout and I decided I would spice up my life a little and choose a pre-made character (Which I never did before)

I ended up going with Natalia mainly because her steal skill is something I like to have since it makes making money easy.

I was just wondering if you guys have any preferences with any Pre-made characters or if you just roll with a custom character?

Hoopy Frood:
I've always gone custom in Fallout.

The Hanged Man:
I love Narg, because of his brilliant name and face.

It'd be great, making him a porn star, the posters would be mind blowing.  :laugh:

Okay, I'm easily amused, I admit it.  :laugh:

Yeah, I hate to be unhelpful, but I am too much of a weirdo to pick any of the premades.  I become anxious when I can't be a white knight in video games.  I've probably played fallout 1 like, I dunno, ten times?  And I always do the same stuff.  Save everybody!  GOTTA SAVE EVERYONE!

Try Invisible Inc.  I bet you'll like it.  There's a plot, but not the kind you get invested in.  Try Invisible Inc.

Not to be overly picky but Narg was a Fallout 2 character.

I tend to go with creating my own character.

I've tried to play the evil character but I just end up being wracked with guilt.


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