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Fallout 2's final stage is a lot harder than I remembered it being...

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The Hanged Man:
Been playing through F2 again and after helping a bunch of scruffy ruffians kill a spammer, committing rat regicide and getting thrown out of Vault City, I reached the Enclave Oil Rig.

I can't believe the stuff you have to do to get anywhere, assassinating the President of the United States is the easy part of it and once you've dealt with that, you have to take on Frank Horrigan and his merry band of gun turrets. :S

Looks like it's back to grinding for me. T.T

Dessert Ranger:
I think the Control Company is helpful, especially since they can be used as Cannon Fodder for Horrigan while you sneak up behind him and diddle him good

The Hanged Man:
It's helpful but it doesn't do much, when you get pasted by a single gun turret. :S

I've found that your best bet is having the high science skill and turning the turrets on Horrigan, then using those guys as cannon fodder (for the two or less turns that they'll last) until your party are ready to take him down.

Of course, Horrigan won't expect the ace up my sleeve...

Vic's Pipe-Rifle!

Dessert Ranger:

--- Quote from: The Hanged Man on October 03, 2017, 01:26:01 AM ---Vic's Pipe-Rifle!

--- End quote ---
You're a dirty individual

The Hanged Man:
I've realised that my problem is having a crap build and being at level 20. Thus, I've decided to go on a long journey, a road trip to all the settlements, taking up every quest, upgrading my crappy gear as best I can.

Seems to be doing okay, going to beat Lo Pan up, star in a few sex tapes and then I'll be ready to crush Horrigan!  :D


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