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This place is a wasteland...

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I have not forgotten the days of joy and the posts of many that once frequented these halls.

I wish you all well and hope excitement is soon injected into this ancient community once again.

Along that vein... Does the unwashed village have an official leader or membership? I mean - who pays the bills around here??

Chucara hosts the site as an offshoot of his personal page (or something like that)
HoopyFrood does most of the actual mod stuff (not that we have much need for that right now)

I'm not sure who still checks regularly enough to count anymore

Hoopy Frood:
I check in regularly.

We're just kind

As old as the community is, we're just not active like we were in our prime when the internet was still more or less in it's infancy and forums were more the focus of online groups. I keep up with a few other UVers on other sites as well, but other than maybe one or two posts a year (if that,) I haven't really been active since before F03 came out.

/pokes you with a stick and pelts you with a Tangerine

Still lurking

Quality posts start with you

Thanks for stopping by

:insert bungie cord joke:


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