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What games have you been playing latly?

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I recently beat Deus Ex (the original) for PC and, holy shit it was amazing. I almost never finish a game, so for me to put 30+ hours into something is an achievement. After finishing this game, I feel like my mind has been opened to nirvana game design. Sure, the voice acting is atrocious ( and the combat is wonky, but the things it did right were so perfect.

Bought Destiny. Its really disappointingly medicore, if you haven't played it yet.

Also been playing a lot of Super Smash 4 for 3DS. I doubt anyone has this, but if you do feel free to add me, I usually main Dr. Mario or Game & Watch

2014 was one of the worst years for new games, but I know some of you still play games, so what have you been playing??


Ticket to Ride.

World of Warcraft.



OK, that last one is technically not a game (all right, it's not even NON-technically not a game) but I like it.

Simpsons tapped out
Family guy quest for stuff
Words with friends
And pvz2 daily things

I'm sure that's not what you really wanted. I've been trying to knit more lately and I need to get my ass writing again. I have a novel and a pilot episode to finish writing

Gretchy Anklekicker:
The last three games I've been playing extensively are:

- Wolfenstein: The New Order
- Styx: Master of Shadows
- Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

I didn't expect much of any of those games, but they all turned out to be to my liking.

The Hanged Man:
I got a PS4 for christmas, ended up getting Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Driveclub, GTA V and The Last of Us (Remastered, because the PS3 version is a year old, so it obviously needs to be updated).

I finished all of those games in a week. XD

I eventually forked out some money for Diablo III and I don't see what the fuss is about. Everyone said that it was inferior to Diablo II, so I knew that going in but considering that everyone who hadn't played D II was banging on abut it, I would have thought that it was like a Fallout 3 scenario of the game being a good game but not a good Diablo game.

Turns out that the game's... rather meh... It doesn't even feel like a PS3 gen game, more like a PS2 game, like Champions of Norath or something. It's not a bad game and it's kind of fun online (if you aren't partnered up with a God, who strides among the mere mortals, crushing anyone foolish enough to get in his way, under his boot. Whilst you're a level 2 witch doctor, who shimmies around, half naked, like a sex offender who was caught a few minutes after shitting himself) and it's not particularly a bad game, the spells and abilities are rather fun, especially if you're a witch doctor, like mwah.

I also got Neverwinter Nights 3 for PC, which I'm quite looking forward to. :P


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