Author Topic: What's going on in your life?  (Read 169521 times)

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Re: What's going on in your life?
« Reply #1245 on: May 12, 2017, 07:25:55 PM »
   This week I finish the last of my college coursework, for my Bachelors in International Business. The graduation is this Sunday, which I won't be attending (partly because I don't care, partly because its Mother's Day). College has been a long journey for me. Originally, I went to school for Architecture, not really prepared for the intensity or demands. I had never drafted before, haha. The long, lonely nights working in our studio, which was an old supposedly-haunted mansion ( are times I'll never forget. Moving to another city helped me grow socially and be more responsible. Leaving was a tough heartbreaking decision, I don't like to give up on things, but I wasn't cut for it. I remember it clearly. It was move out day, I had already dropped my major, but was planning to stay at the school. I went to the bookstore to sell my books, ran into my ex (who I still loved and respected) and chatted for a while. I decided that was a sign not to return. I went back and cleared my room, told roommate I was not coming back, and left with a friend.

   I surprised my parents with an "I'm staying!". I took almost 3 years off, working some crappy jobs, knowing I would finish at some point. Eventually, I went to community college for a semester and pretty much hated it. I came to my current University (where my mother also graduated from) in Fall of 2014. I choose my major because I saw that almost everything sold in the U.S. was made in China, shipped across the world, and I wanted to know why and how (and how to stop it). I can't stay I liked my University much but i'm glad to be done. MBA is a consideration only if my employer will help pay the cost, and I know if it will leader to promotions.

   If anyone reading this is about to start college, here's what I have to say. Make it quick and intensive. Get done in 4 or 5 years (Summer school is great. Also CC sucks don't go) even if you change your major, which many people do. Get involved, meet many people and don't work a job unless you have to. Wander the campus. Consider the culture, it will hugely influence the attitudes of staff and students. Your early 20s are a special time when you have responsibilities but can make mistakes; Use this time to further your education and grow yourself. If all you care about is getting a job afterwards, go to a trade school. I think college is supposed to show you that life can be more than "work, eat, sleep die" which is worth the money. Good luck.
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