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I thought we should start this again. Hopefully it'll be pinned?


We just finished a letter to our landlord with three pages of complaints. The guy is as useless as matches on the moon and dumber than a bag of wet mice. We don't expect anything to be fixed. The real intent of the letter is to prove requests were made and to use it to break the lease.

Looking for additional employment opportunities but most people here know that.

I met Feedback at ComicCon! VERY nice guy! =)

relatives have been in from Germany this past week and then other day when i was checking the stuffs on the old board cousin was behind me and he said that than sounded very much like a guy who frequents a german board.

i've been working at a hair salon. very interesting it has been.

the bf's mom wants to add me to their cell phone plan, i'm not complaining.

i leave for school the 24th and have no idea what i'm bringing with me besides a comp and printer.

Wife is graduating college soon, probably going to move to Austin for her to go to grad school. I can use that as an excuse for me to bust my ass and get into the music or video game industry full-time. If nothing else it's a change of scenery.

going into 10th this year.  not much news there.

but was in a car accident 2 days ago with my sister and her friend, who had her little girl with her. things have been kinda screwey since.  the minivan got slammed into by a pickup truck going 50 in a 25, barely even a scratch on that thing and her van it totaled.

ambulance had to come and get the girl.  back injury.  :-\

to top the bullshit off after the report was taken they tried to have it towed, but when they saw the bill they just drove away.

other than that got a couple family reuinions coming up, finally got a job and got my temps.
life is good

I am at work.

I should probably doing something productive.

One month of co-op left, then it's back to school (and back to the job-hunt, for another internship over the winter term). Luckily, my earnings have been pretty much tax-free thus far; my tuition also hasn't gone up significantly.

- A.S.S.R.


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