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Unwashed Village / Re: What games have you been playing latly?
« Last post by Hoopy Frood on October 04, 2017, 04:48:21 AM »
I backed Divinity Original Sin 2 on Kickstarter and have been playing it. It's fun.
Unwashed Village / Re: What games have you been playing latly?
« Last post by Sandru on October 04, 2017, 01:52:45 AM »
How did I not know Turjan made youtube videos?

I've been playing some Skyrim recently and the new XCOM 2 expansion (which is how it's DONE!) Never played Skyrim until now, actually, which most find surprising, it is to me as well.

Never tried Elite Dangerous and I've given up caring about Star Citizen so who knows, maybe I'll give it a gander once things settle down a bit in real life.

Oh, and been playing a ton of Stellaris. If you like strategy and 4X games it's a hell of a wonderful time sink!
Unwashed Village / Re: Fallout Wargaming
« Last post by Dessert Ranger on October 03, 2017, 10:43:13 PM »
The Preorders came out today and the lowest starter pack is like $80.

It may not be a lot in terms of Wargaming but what the fuck...

I guess it's not as bad as Warhammer.... yet...
Unwashed Village / Fallout Wargaming
« Last post by Dessert Ranger on October 03, 2017, 04:37:08 PM »
Hey Villagers,

I was wondering if anyone else heard about the upcoming Fallout themed Board game.

It seems to mostly focus on the Fallout 4 stuff, but I read somewhere they plan on Adding Enclave so here's to hoping they add more in terms of stuff from older games (Enclave, NCR, Caesar's Legion, The Master's Army etc.)

Any thoughts on it? Do many people here play a lot of board games? 
Unwashed Village / Re: What games have you been playing latly?
« Last post by Turjan on October 03, 2017, 05:44:34 AM »
I've been playing quite a bit of Fallout 4 lately (buried under a ton of mods, naturally), but mostly I'm still playing Elite Dangerous, and still telling Turjan's stories on YouTube ("Turjan's Travels" is up to 33 episodes now...a crazier total than even all my UV scribblings!).

Well, I say still playing Elite, but recently I came into possession of an Oculus Rift, so now it's not really playing Elite, but a feeling more like actually being in a spaceship and flying around the galaxy! Yes, the difference really is that great.  8)

Don't think I'll be trying Fallout 4 in VR one should ever get that close to a giant naked mole rat in full on 3D...  :o
It's helpful but it doesn't do much, when you get pasted by a single gun turret. :S

I've found that your best bet is having the high science skill and turning the turrets on Horrigan, then using those guys as cannon fodder (for the two or less turns that they'll last) until your party are ready to take him down.

Of course, Horrigan won't expect the ace up my sleeve...

Vic's Pipe-Rifle!
I think the Control Company is helpful, especially since they can be used as Cannon Fodder for Horrigan while you sneak up behind him and diddle him good
Unwashed Village / Re: This place is a wasteland...
« Last post by Dessert Ranger on October 02, 2017, 08:45:54 PM »
We need a Caesar to cross the irradiated Rubicon and  hoard all the tangerines and get support for their leadership. Who needs qualifications these days?

He who controls the tangerines controls the village? Bastardized Dune quote?

I think you mean booze, he who controls the booze controls the village. :P

Booze is good and powerfule
Been playing through F2 again and after helping a bunch of scruffy ruffians kill a spammer, committing rat regicide and getting thrown out of Vault City, I reached the Enclave Oil Rig.

I can't believe the stuff you have to do to get anywhere, assassinating the President of the United States is the easy part of it and once you've dealt with that, you have to take on Frank Horrigan and his merry band of gun turrets. :S

Looks like it's back to grinding for me. T.T
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