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Unwashed Village / Re: Getting The Gang Back Together For 76?
« on: July 09, 2018, 04:18:11 AM »
Aw crap. I forgot that we are in the age of multiple platforms. I'll be on Xbox.

Yeah, if I get this, it'll be for steam. I recently changed jobs and used my unused vacation to buy a sweet new gaming rig that Liz and I put togehter. (I wasn't planning on going for a GTX 1080 originally, but I was able to snag one for $615 (US) which put it pretty much the best deal I was going to find for a graphics card for the quality. (Fuck Ethereum in the ear!) And since I got a GPU that supported 4K, I naturally had to get a monitor that did so as well. So after paying more than I originally planned, I have a rig that can run pretty much any game out there at full graphics capability.

BTW, welcome back. I find it interesting that of the three of us posting in this thread, I'm the newest member of the UV.

Cyptocurrency or not, it sucks that graphics cards are still so expensive. I remember when a top end card was $500 in like 2006, back in the Golden Era of 3D PC gaming. I figured by now they'd be a lot cheaper.

I'll probably get it on Xbox One.

Unwashed Village / Re: What's going on in your life?
« on: July 09, 2018, 04:08:54 AM »
After living in a pretty small town of 15,000 people for the past 6 months, I moved back to my home city. I had no intention of staying. Small town life was pretty nice though, I could see myself moving to a different (nicer) small town if I could make money remotely. I liked the quietness, lack of traffic and being a 10 minute drive from rural nature.

Been seriously thinking a lot about starting a small company of my own, and finding ways to generate "passive income". I've known for a few years that I wasn't going to work for other people for the rest of my life. I feel like the only people anyone should really be working for are themselves and God.

I need to read more. If anyone has any suggestions, ideally classic fiction thats easy to digest, let me know.

Unwashed Village / Re: Pretentious Drivel
« on: June 08, 2018, 03:33:41 PM »
Its a little metaphysical for me, but thanks for sharing

Unwashed Village / Re: Fallout 76
« on: May 31, 2018, 04:45:07 AM »
I liked how they revealed it, slowly, and occasionally messing with the static image. Although twitch may not have been the right choice.

Its an online multiplayer survival game BTW

Unwashed Village / Re: I'm disappointed...
« on: March 24, 2018, 12:06:26 AM »
I'm more excited for Kingdom Hearts 3, you know, an actual good game.

Unwashed Village / Re: What's going on in your life?
« on: January 26, 2018, 05:48:55 AM »
Graduated with my Bachelors last month. Looking into taking the GRE for Grad School and then hopefully looking for a job (any job) and some internships/volunteer positions at museums so I can build my resume

Gratz to you too! I got my Bachelors in May of 2017. Good luck on Grad school. History major I take it?

I understand the desperation to find any decent job after school. I did a temporary office job after graduation for a few months, which was neat experience, but something I could see myself getting bored with after a year or 2. I regret not doing any internships in school, which I attributed to working near full time and providing for myself, but I probably could have found something paid if I had been a little more gutsy. I refused to do unpaid internships on principal. I live in a fairly large city with some big companies, but it always feels like they hire older adults with direct experience, even after I felt I did really well on an interview. Its one of the reasons I've considered moving to a different city with a stronger economy. The better part of me says I should just settle down and work full time for a couple years. But i'm not sure i'm ready to commit to a boring corporate job just yet. My bad half wants to get my hands dirty starting a small business of my own (while probably working a boring corporate job anyway).

In other news I've been planning when my next international trip will be. Its a bit ways off, but I'd really like to visit Europe in early/mid 2018. I'd also like to visit Montreal and/or Quebec, Canada this year if my work schedule allows.

Unwashed Village / Re: What games have you been playing latly?
« on: January 16, 2018, 07:19:23 PM »
I'm not too keen on survival horror really, but I just finished Resident Evil 7 & The Evil Within, now working on The Evil Within 2

Unwashed Village / Re: What's going on in your life?
« on: January 03, 2018, 06:39:23 PM »
I start a new software engineering position on January 22nd. It pays 8% more than my current software position and is a more senior-level position as well.

I'm going to give my notice at my current company probably on Wednesday.


Unwashed Village / Re: What's going on in your life?
« on: December 10, 2017, 05:59:11 PM »

What types of jobs are you looking for?

My career goal is to get into exporting. Right now i'm looking for Logistics/Supply Chain management jobs.

Unwashed Village / Re: What's going on in your life?
« on: December 06, 2017, 08:10:51 AM »
My gay 21 year old roommate who I've been living with for the past year invited his 50 year old homeless "Aunt" to live with us without asking me. Sure enough, she has been letting her 2 homeless kids live in our small apartment too. They all have obviously abused drugs (read: meth) for a while. All these weirdo strangers in my home has been driving me crazy lately.

My best friend, who has been married for 5 years with 1 small child, just got separated from his wife. I was shocked when I heard the news. Long story short, I'm leaving my shitty small apartment living with methheads to stay with him in a small town just for a few months until I find a place of my own and to keep him company. Good news is, they are on good terms for now. I've been wanting to spend time away from St. Louis anyway.

I've been feeling disgruntled with my job search. I had a temporary job for 4 months, that I quite enjoyed, but was let go earlier than expected (all temps, not just me). I've applied for dozens of jobs since then, even gotten a few offers that I've turned down because they just didn't feel right for me. Most of the people who call me are recruiting companies, who usually only offer temp jobs, and exist to make money off you. I don't want to deal with them anymore really. Maybe i'll just start my own fucking company!

I need to get my wisdom teeth removed badly. Shits expensive without insurance.

Unwashed Village / Re: A single second
« on: December 06, 2017, 07:58:10 AM »
Thanks for contributing, Turjan. Always an enjoyable personal story from you. Very interesting.

Unwashed Village / Re: Vault Tec experiment ideas
« on: November 15, 2017, 07:27:58 AM »
A vault with novelty board games that look really interesting but really really aren't

heh that reminds me, I was surprised to see this today at a game store. good opportunity to share.

perhaps they could have this in the vault, and every mistake would fatally activate an implant on some random vault dweller.

Unwashed Village / Re: Vault Tec experiment ideas
« on: November 11, 2017, 11:16:29 PM »
I remember the Vault Tech Workshop Add-on for FO4 let you do something similar to this. Did anyone mess around with that?

Well my idea for a vault would be one where little things would change each day ie: Furniture would be moved, doors would stop opening, signs would change what they said, clocks and calendars would change, maybe even the dwellers stuff would be moved while they were sleeping. The goal being to drive them to madness, unsure of what is reality or not.

Unwashed Village / Re: A single second
« on: November 04, 2017, 12:49:46 AM »
For me, it was probably when I met my lady.

Let's see, I'm 33 now.  16 years ago, at some dumb party, I met a lady. We, uhm.  We acted like teenagers.  We made love and we yelled at each other and she became determined to never speak to me again.  I don't blame her.

A decade later, we encountered each other again.

Uhm.  Some other stuff happened.  For some reason, we're now together.  Long story short, I am with a lady that I am pretty enthusiastic about, and we met each other 16 years ago for no reason.  Just random chance.  That being said said, as loathe as I am to admit that I have emotions, I don't know.  I guess you can't deny them.  Now, with her permission, 16 years later, I'll never fucking let her go. 

So yeah.  The first moment I saw my lady.

Thanks again for stopping by and contributing Than. I wish I could randomly drop by, be the center of attention, and disappear again like you. If you see this, let us know how you encountered each other again because you are kind of a dick about giving up details.

Getting a little Personal here, but my moment was at the end of high school/right after it.

There was of course a girl who was probably the first person to genuinely like me. In short I ended up messing up the whole thing and we went our own way. I felt sick and afterwards I became less capable of showing my emotions to people and became a bit of a robot.

Thanks for sharing. I think almost every guy goes through that after highschool (at least I did), its a transitioning period for sure. In a few years though you'll probably kick yourself for getting hung up on it. At 26, I can't comprehend how some people get into relationships in high school and stay in them. Apparently some people do.


Another short story. When I was 14, I was failing middle school. I just didn't understand or care about school. My mother sat down with me and cried hard because she wasn't sure what to do with me. That was the first time I realized that how I took care of myself could effect other people emotionally. I promised her I would improve, and I did. I ended being on honor roll through high school and college.

Unwashed Village / Re: A single second
« on: October 27, 2017, 12:46:53 PM »
This is pretty silly, but when I was 7 years old I went to one of those church carnivals, and they had that "guess the beans in the jar" game. I guessed either exactly or within 1 or 2 (although I think exactly) and won. For years after I thought I was psychic or something.

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