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Unwashed Village / Merry Christmas
« on: December 26, 2018, 12:40:04 AM »
Merry Christmas  to everyone, I hope it was a good one for all!

Unwashed Village / whats everyone been up to?
« on: June 01, 2014, 10:59:26 PM »
Well, in the past few weeks my job has been a clusterfuck of reorganization.... but hey, its over now! And I still have a job. Its amazing how a store rebranding, mass exodus of workers AND several firing happened all at once!

However for once after the inital cluster things are looking up, I'm actually able to take time off and get noted for doing my damn job.

I've also neally gotten around to getting my reloading kit put together, which is nice, and if I can get that figured out (and keep materials in stock) I think I may finally be able to potenially get started IDPA shooting or perhaps some other local competion shooting since in theory I can actually do so and afford it.

Also my brother and I have been working on our brewing, and he has a friend who is interested in perhaps working on a small commercial brewery/bar with us, so that could be cool!

Anything interesting going on in your lives?

Unwashed Village / Happy zombie Jesus day Villiage
« on: April 20, 2014, 09:05:33 PM »
Or Easter, which ever you prefer. Hope y'all have a good one, holiday for you or not....

Unwashed Village / Trapped on 3rd shift!
« on: March 24, 2014, 04:15:48 AM »
Well, here I am stuck at behind a counter at work til 6AM tommorrow. This sucks ass.
I remember when staying up all night was something fun you did, rather then a chore you didn't really want to do. Rather then being on a diablo binge or fallout binge, or ultra late pen'n'paper marathon or just staying up late watching movies or surfing the net, it was just getting more time out of the day.

Now its just time I could be sleeping. Sometimes I worry that I'm finaly getting to that dreaded part of life some would call adulthood? Or maybe I'm just tired of my job going sideways.

Goddamn it makes me feel old, and I shouldn't . *sigh*

Unwashed Village / Hey people, im not dead...
« on: March 22, 2014, 10:41:28 PM »
... really!

How is everyone doing today?

My life is still pretty much work a lot, deal with people, try not to go TOO crazy,you know, the normal stuff.

Unwashed Village / Holy crap.....
« on: March 22, 2012, 06:14:18 AM »
Its still around! I didnt think that the Village was around anymore, Id lost all my info when my computer(s) went to dust last time....
I happened to be trying to find info on Wasteland 2, because a friend told me they were supposed to be making it and lo and behold, after remincing and checking out some of the older Fallout/Fallout 2 stuff this site was listed under POP CULTURE REFERENCES  :o I clicked the link not expecting it to be here but it IS!

So I say HELLO ALL! I guess im back...

Unwashed Village / Hello all....
« on: January 22, 2010, 05:29:47 AM »
... Looks like things have changed while Ive been gone, so how is everyone?

Unwashed Village / And we thought ammo prices in Fallout were bad!
« on: May 04, 2009, 06:39:14 PM »
And we all thought 10-12 bucks a round for .44 magnum in Fallout 2 was bad, or 4  for a round of .308 in 3..... how about.....

Unwashed Village / I have a burning question, that I need to ask......
« on: February 27, 2009, 05:18:05 AM »
So, how was Fallout 3 received? I actually made it to the midnight launch to get it....On the Ps3, but hey, it was Worth it to me.

Did it hold up to your standards? Did it live up to the old "soul" of the orginals? Was it ENJOYABLE?

I will say I was happy with it.... cant quite be the same as the old ones, but then again, it can never be the games we rember,
 just like waste land kinda cant be directly compared to fallout 1 or 2.

Im STILL messing around with it and intend to get a computer copy of it pretty soon..... now that I have a damned compuuter to run it on! :LOL:

Unwashed Village / Finally.....
« on: February 24, 2009, 04:04:40 AM »
... Got ahold of my own goddamned computer. After forever.

Well, Just poping up to say...... Im back. And I intend to be around some this time because I no longer have to be at the mercy of anything but the horror that is a "job"

SO, I say this.....

Hello all.

Unwashed Village / Observations from a Gas station
« on: July 25, 2008, 04:43:47 PM »
Well, Im once again dropping some amusing (atleast to me) instances of stupidity....

So, first off..... I pose an important question..... If you dont know WHERE YOU LIVE, WHERE YOU ARE, AND THAT YOU NEED TO BE THE PERSON ON THE CREDIT CARD...... WHY are you driving?

No less then THREE people over the course of a 9 hour shift, and all three couldnt understand why they couldnt get things to work like they wanted.

First, the man with the COMPANY CREDIT CARD...... that has his name on it ASWELL as his company's walks in.

"Why cant I get gas?"

Me: "Im not sure, what happened?"

"I took the handle out, put it into my car, and swiped the card, it said come inside, and it wont pump...."

Me: "Well, it says here it had a card read error. Did you enter your zip code like the screen asked for and hit enter?"

"WHATEVER.... just set it for 60$...."

Me: "Can I see your ID?"

"Its a COMPANY CARD......just do it."

Me: "Uhhhhh...."

"SEE it has my name on it!"

*as we all know, a name on it makes it yours!*

Me: "Sir it doesnt matter, I have to have an ID, its policy."


*storms out, comes back and SHOVES his way past people in the line*

"Here, see my ID?"

Me: "Sir, this is another card...."

"With my picture on it!"

Me: "Yeah, and its not an ID."

"SO WHAT!!?!"

Me: "No."

*que ten seconds of silence*

"I'll just use debit"

Me: "Okie dokie.... HAVE A NICE DAY SIR!"


Next, we have an older, rich woman walk in.....

"Make it pump gas for me. it wont let me , so turn it on"

*she goes to walk out, to her Jag*

Me: "Ma'am, It just needs you to enter your ZIP code...."


Me: "If you have your ID, and you want me to preset it inside, I can...."

"Never MIND!" *HUMPH*

YES! your driving around without KNOWING WHERE YOU LIVE..... BRILLIANT! ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT..... ::)

And lastly.....

A kid of perhaps 15 comes in.....

"I put 10inthepumpanditpumpedittheniput5anditdidntanditwontcomeoutandineedyoutoturnitoncausemymomwnatshersgas....."

Me: "Uh, can you repeat that?"

"I put 5 more dollars in the pump and it wont come out, and my mom wants her gas...."

*checking moniter, its not even reading an error, but it is reading having completed a 10$ transaction*

Me: "Im not reading any jams, give  me a moment and I'll check manuelly"

*basically to make sure your not lying and are trying to get free gas because we have cash acceptors. It happens all to often.*


Me: "I still need to check it."

" SIGH "

*walking out there, All I see is a SLIGHTLY older teen girl and a SLIGHTLY older teen male.....  where's mom again?*

Me: "Explain what happened again?"  :inquisitive:

"Uhhhh, it ate my money?"

*checking in side the machine*

Me: "There is nothing here, you'll need to comebac k and discuss this with the maganer in the morning, because if it isnt here, it either jammed in an almost impossible way, or...... someones lying."  :inquisitive:

All three: "Dont worry about it man.... its ok.... it was only 5 bucks, you have a nice day now!"

*que someone backing in concrete pylon and crusing a trashcan under thier van*

Me: "you have a nice day aswell...."

"Wow, someone fucked up!"

Me: "indeed."

*I walk on over and look at the damage*

Me: "everyone ok?"

" Yeah, I guess I shouldnt be talking while backing up HAHAHAHAH!"

Me:  :laugh: "Hehe....he... Yeah."  :worried:

*begin imaging ten min of trying to un-crumple a 600$ hunk of plastic....*  :inquisitive:

Well, I hope atleast a few find my observations into daily idiocy amusing!  :laugh:

Unwashed Village / Anyone reserve a copy of Fallout 3 yet?
« on: July 09, 2008, 05:18:46 AM »
I just did yesterday, and it came with spiffy poster (YAY! everyone one loves good ol' T-51b power armor  ;D)

Also included was a sound track CD with 5 songs ( "I dont want to set the world on fire": Ink spots, "Way back home": Bob Crosby, "Butcher Pete(Part 1): Roy Brown, And the main title song, and the theme for megaton!) the disk is even made to look like and old vinyl record, and has a complmenting paper sleeve thats says "Distrubuted by Galaxy News Radio"

In short.....its freaking awesome.  :laugh:

Unwashed Village / Upon further thinking...
« on: July 05, 2008, 06:25:49 AM »
.... I lied, Im drunk  :laugh: and im posting  :laugh: :laugh: Why oh why did I do something as dumb as drinking so much of such a delcious substance? and also, Im pretty sure im misspelling some things, so I aplogize......

Well, atleast6 im home, and not driving like so many nimrods..... I swear, WHEN did the 4th of july, INDEPENDENCE DAY...... become "get drunk, light things on fire, and blow up" day? isnt it kind of sad....?

this day, much less any other holidays shouldnt be an excuse to get drunk and do stupid crap, like drive, or light fire works.

As it is, so many lose sight of the actual meaning of such things...... But, i digress.....

So, today is in place to rember many things to do with the american people..... the wqhole "SCREW YOU BRITISH MONARCHY...." thing (aplogies to our many fine british members!).....,The "unalienable rights" that are supposed to be still around (HA!) (gods im drunk......i aplogize (im sur ei will tommorw to!) but jeez... I didnt think id drank this much), and if we are to rember such things...why are they kinda freaking screwed up?

Why do we have the loss of freedoms and the even sadder lose of memories? if one doesnt know thier past, they are doomed to repeat it, right?

If thats the case, were all rolaylly screwed.

Sorry for alcohol-laden ranting tha tlikely wont make sense tommorw....  :guitarist: :guitarist: :guitarist: :guitarist: :guitarist: :guitarist: :guitarist: :guitarist: :guitarist: :guitarist: :guitarist: :guitarist: :guitarist:  :laugh: LOL Those are to funny......goodnight gonna pass out now.

Unwashed Village / MacGuyver gets lazy.....
« on: July 02, 2008, 02:56:50 PM »
 :laugh: Found this on another board

Unwashed Village / funny things you see at work.
« on: June 29, 2008, 04:19:25 AM »
Im sure we all have weird stuff that happens at work...... So why not have a laugh?

To start this off...

Ok. First off, I work at a gas station. A gas station that was at one point, and forever will be rembered as "Kwik-Mart" even after its change of name early this year

Im forced to wear a "uniform" shirt, a name tag, and have to check my sense of social annoyance at the door.

Now, this store, as a change from most like it is actually pretty nice, its only about 3-4 years old, its well built, and is fairly modern in styling. That said it is alot like a set in a studio back lot...looks nice...but if you see the inner construction, it make you go "tisk-tisk". (things like finding out the under c abnit crawlspace is still full of half use nail gun packs, sawdust and scrap wood....along with un-finished support parts for shelves, or my personal favorite... the hot water thats freezing, and the cold water that scalds down to the bone.  :inquisitive: )

That said, we also have these really "awesome" (not attempted sarcasm) pumps that have *GASP* bill takers as well as credit/debit card readers so lazy people can smoke and talk on phones (all at once!) while pumping gas. In theory anyway.

To bad people cant read, listen, or use simple reasoning to understand three things: One, shoving in as much money as humanly possible in tore up 1$ bills is about the most idiotic thing one can do in a world where a modern drink machine requires 5 min. of prep before you can get it take a brand new dollar bill, Two, trying to use a card that NO LONGER HAS A BACK or is PSYICALLY HELD TOGETHER BY TAPE AND HAPPY THOUGHTS in a machine that requires an immaculate card to function with is gonna be fine when they just keep pulling it in and out while not paying attention to the blinking LCD screen and holding down buttons is doomed to failure  and Three, Yelling at the person behind the counter/the FREAKING MACHINE ITSELF will not make it work, OH, neither will phsyically assaulting it.

Im happy I have a glass storefront that keeps the stupid emissions out.

For now, I will describe an amusing chain of events id seen one late night:

Imagine it being a nice, humid  summer night, about 12:30 at night.... it was sweltering like only the south seems to really get right... Im working a 3rd shift for the 20-something-ish day in a row due to the wonder that is "turn-over" and having only 3 people working at the store. yes, one for 1st, one for 2nd....and yours truely for 3rd. Its sucked.

So its only natural that this would be a night where you have someone SPEED in to a parking lot, abruptly stop, back up to a gas pump, and promptly get out to pump gas. they look down, see the sign that says in a very simple way "pre pay only!". DEAD at it. so naturally he hits the INTERCOM CALL BUTTON. And the GAS PUMP EMERGANCY BUTTON...... All at once.

I look out, and i hit the reply button. And im greeted by a wonderful, and I mean WONDEFUL yelling curse fest that I will reduce, for politeness sake, to: "Turn on the #&@#&@#ing pump, Ill come inside and buy some other stuff with my card...."

Of course, anyone with a brain automatically thinks "YES! I think I'll turn on a fricking gas pump, for someone random that ive never seen before, with a CREDIT CARD!" as we all cards are just that damn safe, and not likely to be stolen at all!

So of course I reply in the robotic way only those who just dont care anymore can: *CLICK* "Hello and welcome to (kwiki-mart 121), ALL of our pumps are pre-pay only....if you would like to pay at the pump HANG-IT-UP.... and insert cash, CREDIT, or DEBIT into the MACHINE. Have a nice day!"  *CLICK*

I then kill the fricking noise that the emr. button causes, and watch as he stares me dead in the eye and HITS THE BUTTON AGAIN to call, and promptlyputs the pump handle in his car, and holds down the handle, lock its it, and STARES ME IN THE EYE.
Then says: "Fill up?"


I sigh, hit the intercom, and reply "Sir, you have to understand, we cant just "turn on" the pump, nor can we set it and wait for you to finish shopping inside and let you pay it after its pumped....If you need to use a card, and it wont work, come inside, we can set it for you, and if you dont pump it all, we can refund it, no problem....But I CANNOT just turn it on...."
Keep in mind, I stated this in the most calm, friendly manner as I could, I know people do make mistakes....

He promptly walks in, doing the classic "Im pissed, and im gonna yell a whole lot" fast-walk....

"Fill up on pump #8" *SLAM* (palm smacks a card onto the counter), then starts cursing under his breath, as he WALKS OUT THE DOOR....

No, just no.

"SIR.... WAIT."


"First, I need to know HOW muc...."

"FILL. UP., Turn the God-@!#$ thing on."

*I glare*

"Sir, Ive told you, I cannot just "turn it on".... now, I can SET IT..."

I stop, and relaize this card has a VERY female name....and a very FEMALE picture on it.

"Uh, sir, I cant take this anyway.... This ISNT your card."

"So what its my wifes card....she uh, lets me use it because mines messed up....."




"WHY NOT?!!?"

"Its not your card."

"SO WHAT?!?!?"

*points at very LARGE SIGN that states "Photo I.D. required for all credit, tobacco, or alcohol sale"*


"F*$K  you, Ill go to the station across the street...."

"One, they are closed, Two, they know better."


He then promptly storms out, puts the pump handle back like a child who has just been denied a toy, and peels out of the parking lot, and onto the street. just after that the blue lights kick on, pull him over, and he gets arrested, I assume he got pulled for speeding and recklessness driving....But boy did the other three cop cars that came not long after seem a tad......excessive  :inquisitive: I still wonder what he did.

I see some odd things, this was just one of the dumber ones.....

WELL, that was long winded, and I aplogoize.

I hope atleast someone gets a laugh out of it  :laugh: I know it seemed funny at the time  :laugh:

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