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Unwashed Village / Merry Christmas
« on: December 24, 2009, 07:55:42 PM »
I wish you warmth, good food and happy times. :D

Unwashed Village / Lets write!
« on: December 01, 2009, 05:40:24 AM »
So after not completing yet another Nanowrimo...I've decided to turn my talents to writing 100 words! 

I figured someone here may want to try with me! I urge every one of you to give it a go! :D


Write a story in only 100 words.

This one I found is a bit different, in that they want you to have 10 words they chose somewhere in your story. It was interesting to try, I thought. So I figured I would share!

So now you try!

100 words and inlude these:
family - life - stage - rage - design - blue - black - green - stain - dog

Unwashed Village / Night Owl!!
« on: July 01, 2009, 07:32:41 PM »
Happy Birthday  (and early cause that is just how much I care!) :D

((really, I just wanted to be the first to give you a cool toaster))  (((darn that doombot!)))

Cheers to a good year ahead!

Unwashed Village / Iain M. Banks
« on: June 20, 2009, 07:39:35 AM »
Do we like him? Do we not like him? Have we heard of him?

I picked up a book of this the other day, Consider Plebas, I am enjoying is so far. Although 'so far' is about 4 pages in. 

I picked it up on the whim of wanting something to read and being in a sci-fi mood.  So having nothing else to go on,  I figured I'd see if it's worth grabbing more of his books.  Though I suppose I could figure that out myself after I am done reading the book...I really just wanted an excuse to talk to you. ;)

Unwashed Village / help, advice needed
« on: June 16, 2009, 09:08:05 PM »
ok - so I found out something...and now knowing it, I feel I must DO something.


Some kids at my daughters school have made a fake Facebook account. They were pretending to be some 19 year old guy from the next city over....and started chatting up a girl at school. She is 13....and over the last month (that I know of) she has 'fallen' for him, and even at one time - last week - was going to meet him.

She waited outside the school for 2 hours one day, of course she was 'stood up', as the pretend guy never showed up.

The thing is, I feel this is beyond a simple innocent prank. but I want to tread carefully, as I don't want my daughter ( or her friend who told me about it ) to be picked on in school cause they were the ones who 'told'

But - she is 13!  Lord knows what sort of stuff she was saying, or pictures she was sending to this guy. Who in her mind was real, and by the poetry she's wrote to him on her facebook - she believed she was falling for.

His profile  picture was some hunky underwear model I am sure. lol -  Only a child would believe that was a real guy. 

Anyway I've already contacted Facebook and the account (and his pretend brother) were deleted.  I am not sure what else I should do. Should I drop it? Should I contact her parents, go to the Sister at school? (it's a catholic school)

My worry is that if this group of kids have personal pictures of her, or private things she said, that they could still use it to harass her via the net. 

Advice, opinions???

Unwashed Village / laugh out loud :D
« on: June 12, 2009, 09:50:57 PM »

thanks to KarateGoldfish ( via her twitter) for this link. It is far to cute!!

Unwashed Village / twitter
« on: April 08, 2009, 08:21:31 PM »
what is this???

I've never heard the EVER..until this last week, and now I hear the term a dozen times a day.

I realize I could wiki it - but then I'd not have a reason to post something!!!

OK - so I wiki'd it before I posted this....and it's been around since 06??? What the heck, how can I not have heard if it? Is it mainly a US thing?

Still, comments on this strange thing I do not know about would be appreciated. :D

Unwashed Village / frugivores?
« on: March 05, 2009, 04:30:40 AM »
I would like to point out - that I am stronger then most tiny animals and that the muscles in my arms are strong enough to hold say...a cat sized animal...and my teeth are sharp enough, and my jaws strong enough - to bite into the soft fleshy neck of said cat sized animal...and that if I were hungry enough, I would indeed eat this cat sized fleshy animal totally raw.


Kinda makes me wanna cook up a bloody, juicy steak right now. :D

Given the choice, I am not stupid enough to try and hunt down an elephant for my dinner - given I do indeed have no claws or fangs...but then again, not a lot of animals go for elephants.

I wouldn't argue with  this guy though, arguing with crazy people usually gets you into more trouble then its worth. *nods*

"No human cultural-carnivore kills its animal prey with his/her natural equipment, nor do they eat their animal prey raw.  I have challenged countless meatarians to do so in the past 30 years, and NONE have shown the courage of their conceptual convictions and done so.  Why?  Simply because we are NOT an "omnivore".  In fact, we have strong anti-killing instincts.  Try to kill an animal with your bare hands to demonstrate this."

I had never heard of this term towards humans before, frugivore - that is just insane. What's wrong with veggies, and can I eat tomatoes or not? Cause I really do enjoy tomatoes.

Oh, edit for the fact that my 'elephant' comment came from another place  :D

"Tell ya what. We will put you in a fenced in field of cows and
bulls, elephants or hippos, elk, deer, or some other kind of game
animal. You will have to catch and eat your meat raw. Hide, skin,
bones, guts, etc. You will need to drink the blood for extra water. I
predict that you will starve in a very short time. You will not have
the time to get sick from the above diseases.

I will be placed in a fenced in field full of fruit trees, apples,
peaches, oranges, cherries,etc, and seed trees like walnut, hickory,
etc. for my needed extra protein. I am willing to wager that I can
sneak up on a mean ole apple tree, eat to my heart's content in the
shade of the trees, and will be healthier for the effort than I am

that guy is nuts. and if I ever meet him in a dark alley I shall throw apples at his head and run the other direction. *nods*

Unwashed Village / 5 books
« on: March 04, 2009, 12:16:17 AM »
a question was posed to me today on livejournal and I found in interesting enough to share here. Although I am certain we've discussed this matter, perhaps our books have changed since last we answered!

I am assuming I do not need a survival guide or some such book, but that I shall be here for a very long time, perhaps forever - perhaps not.  So books I don't mind re-reading over and over again. Being that I shall not have access to any other sort of recreation the entire time I am there.  'Cept I suppose a coconut version of  bowling I totally plan on building the second I get there. :D

You're packing your bag for a deserted island, what 5 books do you take with you?

1. The Stand, Stephen King
it's a book I've always wanted to read, but for some reason have yet to get around to it - I figure this would be as good a time as any.

2. The Bible
it's got a lot going for it, what can I say.  Were I in the mood for almost any sort of reading, it is in this book - also it's got a handy list of foods I should and should not eat...that might come in handy.

3. The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle
interesting enough stories and characters, so I am pretty sure it wouldn't get boring, also I've not read all of them yet - and though re-reading my favorite books might have been what was intended here...I would rather be 'stuck' with something new. :D

4. The Eyes of the Dragon, Stephen King
it was a choice between my 3 fave books for which book I'd bring for 're-readable' value...and this one just happened to win out today. 

5. The Universe in a Nutshell, Stephen Hawking
cause it's a good read, and makes ya think AND teaches ya cool stuffs. :D

Unwashed Village / Legend of the Seeker
« on: January 30, 2009, 09:44:40 PM »

the things I don't know about amaze me!

So I had a dream last night and in this dream Kevin Sorbo hugged me.

That of course, in a round about way, led me to find out about this show I've never watched, Legend of the Seeker,  a tv show of  Terry Goodkinds 'Sword of Truth'. 

I might actually check it out, see what it's like. I think I accidentally saw 10 minutes of an episode a few weeks ago, but having no idea what it was I watched long enough to think the gal in it was kinda pretty and turned the channel.


Unwashed Village / No Turjan listed Birthday???
« on: December 24, 2008, 05:54:20 PM »
Happy Birthday to ya, young man. :D

I gift you with all the tea in china!!!

and a random picture from my computer.....

Unwashed Village / wee for talking
« on: December 19, 2008, 03:30:30 PM »

This is the system that my kid has been working with. The girl voice sounds (to me) just like the boy voice...but still pretty cool. Yesterday Brianna told me that she played with playdough, made a smile face in the playdough, and that she liked doing this.

Unwashed Village / nanopeeps stuck for inspiration?
« on: November 05, 2008, 09:10:17 PM »
I found this generator, some cute things.  I have not had to use it yet, but if I ever need some odd names, or a good room description...I've a place to go!

"A groundbreaking woman lawyer, Emeraude Desirée Decelle has glittering sapphire orbs and sensual waves of gold hair, and cannot disguise her striking widow's peak. All are awed when she reveals breathtaking eloquence. Little does she know she is really Marius's long-lost transgendered son."

now if only I were writing a sappy romance novel. :D

Unwashed Village / don't vote
« on: October 02, 2008, 08:15:26 PM »
I like this. :D

I am indeed registered to vote...I even got my card in the mail yesterday!!!! (yeah, this link is for the election in the USA, but we have stuff coming up in Canada too)

Unwashed Village / will it unlock the secrets of stonehenge?
« on: September 10, 2008, 02:55:33 PM »
did ya all see the Google logo today? pretty.

it reminds me (in a train of thought) of that show on TV - the big bang theory. I like it, cute TV show. love the theme song to it as well.

found that while trying to find you the theme song. :D  it's a BNL song.  I suppose ya'll can look it up yourself.

anyway, science is cool.  even if ya know next to nothing about it (like myself)

Oh, there is a cut and paste of part of an article.....made me smile. :D

"By using a remarkable instrument called the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), not only the most powerful particle collider but the biggest scientific instrument in the world. It's 27km long and in a location to make a Bond villain weep with envy, far below ground on the Franco-Swiss border."

Oh, and of course the gal who said 'will it unlock the secrets of stonehenge, also made me smile.

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